Training Videos


Here are some videos from our YouTube channel located at YouTube motorcycle drop guards.   Make sure to hit Like and Subscribe to take part in our upcoming training series covering all types of skills related to real world riding skills out on the streets.

These videos (DEMONSTRATE) that the use of high rpm's of 1500-1800, and definitely not 2000 rpm's loaded into your throttle are not needed for making slow speed u-turns within 18 feet, let alone 22 foot u-turns.  Don't burn your clutch by excessively raising your rpm's, and applying your rear brakes while heating your rotors trying to make simple u turns.  

Learn total clutch control first, then add your throttle and then apply the rear brake when appropriately needed.  Just a little momentum is all that is needed to make slow controlled 18 foot u-turns.  

And best of all it's really easy to learn slow speed techniques, when the fear of dropping and damaging your motorcycle is completely removed.



This video also demonstrates (TCC) Total Clutch Control in a very easy manner to develop.