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Motorcycle Drop Guards

The Best protection for your Harley

Lose the fear of Dropping Your Motorcycle

Slow Speed Drops will happen to any rider, especially those who develop their skills.

Protect the Value, Appearance, and Functionality of your Factory Parts.

Experience the freedom of making those slow speed u-turns without worry.

Its your life, your investment, your choice!

Train hard, Ride safe!

Does your dealer offer you protection?

They Protect theirs!

Motorcycle Drop Guards are used to protect the Harley Davidson motorcycles used by the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX) program, sponsored by Harley Davidson, for the training and certification of motor officers across the U.S.

Wonder why most dealerships don't offer you the same protection package for your Harley?

Changing the way you can Ride

Motorcycle Drop Guards have enabled thousands of civilian riders around the world to be able to practice and learn how to handle their custom bikes with skill and proficiency, and without fear of dropping and damaging their bikes. No more struggling to learn slow speed u turns, and other skills.

Motorcycle Drop Guards have made a huge difference for thousands of riders world wide.

Photos courtesy Ian Wong and L. Nelson

Polished Stainless Steel for Harleys - motorcycledropguards

This photo features Motorcycle Drop Guards for Harleys attached to a BMW with the 1.25 front crash bar and the Wunderlich Rear Crash Bars.

Photo courtesy of Stephen Watson

customer Reviews


David C.Verified Buyer

5.0 star rating 09/13/22

This product completely protects the engine guards, saddle bag guards, and the primary cover from damage. The look of the polished steel blends in well with the other parts of the motorcycle without rusting. Completely recommend utilizing this product to save the from expensive repair work that may be needed in the future.


Towfeeq M.Verified Buyer

5.0 star rating 08/18/22

Amazing product!!!Absolute confidence when performing slow maneuver training, such excellent quality and craftsmanship!!!Thank you for an awesome product !


Larry C.Verified Buyer

5.0 star rating 07/11/22

Great product!I recently purchased these for added insurance in my Ultra Limited. If you care about your investment, I would highly recommend this product. They are very well built and look great on the bike. To the unaware person, they would never notice them. To the ride, if you drop your bike, you will never forget them. Easy installation and cheap insurance!


Matthew M.Verified Buyer

5.0 star rating 07/10/22

Peace of mind.Ya, I'm that clown who stopped riding then ran out 7 years later and bought a street glide, expecting my skills to be there. Only took one slip of my foot while parking, and two guys grabbing my bike to stop it from falling to realize these will be worth the money and there for me just in case. Peace of mind and confidence boost. Ya, I'm taking reRead more about review stating Peace of mind. Ya, I'm taking fresher course too. But, buy them guys. Fast and easy install, look good too. 


Chad M.Verified Buyer

5.0 star rating 05/16/22

Looks great, performs better. There are many types of guards out there but most of them are unsightly and only used for practice and then removed. These look great and can stay on your bike to protect your bike all of the time and not just during practice.


Mark K. Verified Buyer

5.0 star rating 2/13/23

Drop Guards

Excellent customer support. 
The product quality above expectations. 
Very happy. 
Thank you


Brad D.Verified Buyer 02/09/23

Just received the drop guards. The Craftsmanship looks super. I can't wait to get them on.


02/21/23 Product review

Just excellent

The support answered my many questions before ordering. They gave me advice on tax free shipping to and international shipping with myus. The discount coupon was accepted with no problems, too. Shipping was fast and the double packaging protected the product very well. I had a very good experience

Shopper name:

Uwe E.

You have to practice to be a safe and proficient rider

no fear of tight driveway turns