Thanks To All Who Have Supported

For all who have visited our website, purchased, used, and shared our products, and those who have helped us achieve our goal of encouraging thousands of riders around the world to lose the fear of dropping their bikes, and to develop their advanced slow speed skills to ride like badasses, "Thank You". 

So many have helped us to make a huge impact on the motorcycle community around the world in regard to motorcycle skill development. Thousands of riders around the world have and are now using Motorcycle Drop Guards to practice, and develop their advanced riding skills, to a level only a small portion of the motorcycle community ever achieve, and most of it has been done because of word of mouth from our customers who have purchased and used Motorcycle Drop Guards, and took the time to write and share so many positive reviews on the Motorcycle Drop Guards and for that we say A VERY BIG GRATEFUL AND RESPECTFUL


We want to say a "Very Special Thanks" to our very special friends "Jerry "Motorman, your fired from the firm" Palladino and his beautiful badass wife Donna "Camera-Girl" Palladino, who rides her ass off. As everyone knows, Jerry and Donna own the Ride Like A Pro franchise. Cant’ say enough about these 2 incredible people.  Thanks for having us in the “mafia” and for trusting and believing in us from day 1!  You 2 rock!

“Very Special TEXAS Thanks” to Tony White and Dan Lott with TEEX Motorcycle Training Program at Texas A&M, sponsored by Harley Davidson.   You guys believed and trusted in the motorcycle drop guards, and have taken us across the U.S., and into so many law enforcement agencies, I can’t begin to know how many motor officers are using motorcycle drop guards to protect their Harleys daily, and in competitions everywhere.

A BIG TEXAS THANKS to Rob ‘My Good Friend and BadAss Rider” Grimsely “who knows everybody” and owns ProRider Charleston South Carolina, for all his sharing/networking connections bestowed upon Motorcycle Drop Guards.   Big Thanks to my friend Mike Byrd from NOVA Motorcycle Skills and Competition Washington D.C. for introducing Rob and I, and for your support and sharing of motorcycle drop guards from the beginning. 

A "Big Thanks" to the Ride Like A Pro and ProRider courses in Virginia, Arkansas, Newport Beach, Kentucky, South Carolina, Miami, Central Texas, Philadelphia, and many others im sure I forgot, keep on training guys!  Also, “Big Thanks” to Robert “Be the Boss of Your Motorcycle” Simmons for his support and great videos sharing motorcycle drop guards with his followers. 

And a “GREAT BIG HUGE THANKS” to anyone we may have forgot.

Train Hard, Ride Safe!!