International Orders

Instructions For International Orders

1. Go to link below 

2. Set up an account with 

3. They will give you a shipping address to use while placing your order on our website here at

4. Return to our website and place your order under the shop tab

5. Check out through our website using the address received from          

    Do not place the Fl in the postal code numbers.  

    The Fl is for the state of Florida and is not part of the postal code.

    Place the Fl in the box for state.

 6. We will then ship your order to the address you received from

 7. will then forward the motorcycle drop guards to your actual

    address outside the United States. 

 8. Here is the link to create your account!



Motorcycle Drop uses UPS for all orders shipped Internationally.

MDG Products will not be responsible for orders once they are shipped out of the United States whether by or any other courier service.  Purchaser agrees to be responsible for contacting customs within the country of delivery, or in which they live to receive any held orders by their country's customs agency.  

Purchaser agrees to, and will be responsible for contacting their courier delivery system source and filing any related claims should any order become lost by the delivery service within said country of delivery.  Motorcycle Drop Guards will not complete any claim paperwork for any lost or held orders by customs.  MDG Products will provide the customer with Tracking numbers, invoices and shipping records to complete any filed claims with the customers courier service in said country or location of delivery.  There are no refunds or replacements for any order held or lost once out of the United States. 

 Please note: 

 It is the buyers responsibility to know the laws of his/her country in terms of duties, value added taxes, and brokerage fees.  Motorcycle Drop Guards will not be responsible for any tariffs, broker fees or value added taxes (VAT fees) due upon delivery to international customers based on said countries customs regulations.  There are no refunds, or returns for customers who fail to pay any of the aforementioned fees for receiving their order.  Please check with your customs office prior to ordering.