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Please Read ALL of the following information. 

Where are the installation instructions?

The installation instructions and Installational Video is located on our website under Installation Instructions and Video tab

Which models of Harley motorcycles will the Front Drop Guards fit?

The Front Motorcycle Drop Guards can be used on Harley motorcycles with:

Inch and a Quarter (1.25) Standard Harley Stock OEM Front Highway Bars such as the Original Full Size Front Bar or the New Chopped/Mini Front Bar. 

Models include:

Road Kings, Road King Specials, Road Glides, Road Glide Special, Road Glide Limited, Road Glide ST, Ultra Limited,  Electra Glides, Street Glides, Street Glide ST, and all the CVO models WITH and WITHOUT Lower Fairings, and also Sporters, Softail, Heritage with the standard OEM Harley Front 1.25 diameter highway bar (Crash Guard)

Which models of Harley motorcycles will the Rear Drop Guards fit?

The Rear Motorcycle Drop Guards can be used on Harley motorcycles with:7/8" Standard Harley Stock OEM Rear Saddle Bag bars.

Why do the rear drop guards not use acorn nuts on the screws like the front drop guards?

The rear drop guards have more clearance from the saddle bags with the use of regular nuts as opposed to acorn nuts. Acorn nuts are taller and may cause contact with the saddle bag, if the saddle bags are not removed during the development of riding skills.  We go with what has worked for years after using acorn nuts in the beginning.  

Which Harleys will Motorcycle Drop Guards fit?

All 2016-2022 

Road Kings, Road King Specials, Road Glides, Road Glide Special, Road Glide Limited, Road Glide ST, Ultra Limited,  Electra Glides, Street Glides, Street Glide ST, and all the CVO models WITH and WITHOUT Lower Fairings?  

Do the Motorcycle Drop Guards clear the lower fairings?


The drop guards have plenty of clearance between the lower fairings and drop guards when installed.  

Please refer to photos in our gallery. 

Will Drop Guards fit on the 2021/2022 new chopped / mini engine guard put on the new Harleys?

Yes!  check our photos out in the gallery

Motorcycle Drop Guards will work on Harley Touring Models WITH the NEW short/chopped mini engine bar placed on the new 2021 Road King, Street Glide, Road Glide and CVO.  (please see photo of Road Glide for the new short/chopped engine bar)

Do the Drop Guards work on Harley models prior to 2016? 


There has been some confusion as to whether the Drop Guards fit older Harley Touring models prior to 2016.   

They DO FIT with the Standard Harley OEM Front Highway Bars of 1.25 in diameter, and Harley OEM 7/8" diameter Rear Saddle Bag Bars. 

Will the Primary Guard fit Touring Models prior to 2016?    Which Touring motorcycles will the Primary Indicator Guard fit?

The Primary Guard Indicator is specifically made to fit the following 2016 Touring models and forward! 

Road Kings, Road King Specials, Road Glides, Road Glide Special, Road Glide Limited, Road Glide ST, Ultra Limited,  Electra Glides, Street Glides, Street Glide ST, and all the CVO models WITH and WITHOUT Lower Fairings  

The Primary Indicator MAY FIT on year models prior to 2016BUT it is not needed on older models for protection purposes.  

The Primary Indicator is included in the Harley kit (at no extra charge) until 2023, for those who may purchase a newer Harley Touring motorcycle at a later time. 


Can I buy just the Primary Guard?


Unfortunately we are limited on inventory.  Furthermore the Primary Guard will probably not work as intended without the front and rear drop guards installed.


Will Motorcycle Drop Guards work on a Softail, Dyna or Heritage?

Yes - But please refer to the requirements of crash bars and saddle bag bars

Will the Primary Guard Indicator fit a Heritage or a Dyna or Sportster or Indian? 


The Primary Indicator will not fit any other motorcycle other than Harley Touring Models as mentioned above.

It will not fit a sportster, softail, or Heritage or an Indian, Kawasaki, Yamaha, BMW etc.


Why are the Primary Guard screws black oxide instead of stainless?

We use Grade 8 Black Oxide because they are extremely strong and we have never broken one when slamming heavy touring model bikes into the ground while training.  

Also the Primary Cover is made from cast aluminum.  Aluminum and stainless do not play well together.

Will the Grade 8 Black Oxide Primary screws rust?

Yes!  But it has never been an issue to cause a problem   

The screws will rust, but if that is an issue for you, you can refer to YouTube to learn how to use a very simple process of oil and heat to resist rust on black oxide screws.  

We have never taking issue with the slight rust of the Grade 8 screws, as the screws are hardly seen and should be checked regularly for strength after extreme bike drops for tension and damage.  Replacement screws can be purchased inexpensively at any hardware store.




Which Other Makes and Models of motorcycles will drop guards fit other than Harley?

Drop Guards have been installed and used on Indian Touring Models, Kawasaki and Yamaha.  

Customers will need to ensure the highway bars and saddle bag bars on his/her motorcycle match the curvature and diameter of stock OEM Harley bars.

You will need inch and a quarter ( 1.25) front engine bars with the curvature of that of a stock Harley Front engine bar, and the standard REAR OEM Harley Saddle Bag Bars of 7/8".

The Motorcycle Drop Guards will not fit    (3/4",   1",  or 1.5, front or rear bars)



Can I use a Harley kit and replace the screws with the necessary length needed to be placed on my Indian motorcycle?

Yes of course.  

Make sure to use the same diameter screws though!  

Remember the bars must be the Stock OEM Indian bars for front and rear. PLEASE REFER TO OUR GALLERY FOR PHOTOS OF INDIANS WITH MOTORCYCLE DROP GUARDS INSTALLED.

Are alternate fasteners included in the kit for other makes of motorcycles?


Fasteners such as longer 1.5" screws, are not included in the kit of motorcycle drop guards for other makes of motorcycles.  

The standard 1.25 fasteners are included in the kit.  

The washers and lock washers could be used with longer screws of the same diameter which are needed to go through the fastener holes.   Its very easy to find alternate fasteners!

Will the drop guards fit mustache bars? 

    YES!  But abide by the descriptions above. 


Will Drop Guards fit other size engine guards or saddle bag bars bigger than 1.25 for the fronts or bigger than 7/8" for the rear bars?

NO!  Absolutely not!

What are Motorcycle Drop Guards made of?

316L Stainless Steel and 1020 Steel.

The Polished 316L Stainless is extremely resistant to corrosive environments, easily repairable and easy to polish back to a mirror shine.

Powder Coat Gloss Drop Guards are made of 1020 Steel and all come with  black hardware and can be easily repaired and painted with Black Gloss Spray Paint to a finish you would never expect from spray paint.


What is included in the Drop Guard Kit?

     A Set of Drop Guards for Harleys include:

      2 Front Drop Guards 

      2 Rear Saddle Bag Bar Drop Guards

      1 Primary Lean indicator for primary cover 

              (Included at no extra charge at this time for Harleys)

              (Primary Guard not included in the Indian kits as it is not needed)  

Do you offer any form of discounts?

Yes! We have a built in discount already as of 2022.

As we all know the price of everything has gone up, this includes manufacturing, delivery and the cost of 316L stainless steel used to make Motorcycle Drop Guards available for protecting motorcycle investments.  

The price of Drop Guards was adjusted accordingly in 2022, to allow us to still make them available for those who want to protect their motorcycle investments.


Will Motorcycle drop guards protect my lower fairings?

Drop Guards may help keep lower fairings further from the ground, but are not meant to protect any factory part other than what they are properly attached too.  They may assist the lower fairings of motorcycles from inadvertently contacting the ground surface should drop occur.  

Please see our other options below and (photos in our Gallery) for adding additional protection for lower fairings.

What can I use to protect my lower fairings?

 We have found that the rubber trim used for vehicle doors (to keep them from dinging other vehicle doors), and available at any auto parts store has been found to work extremely well in protecting the lower fairings on motorcycles that get dropped in conjunction with the used of motorcycle drop guards.  

See photos on website for adding protection for protecting your lower fairings from inadvertently hitting the ground should the bike bounce hard enough. This is a very simple and inexpensive precautionary addition to the motorcycle drop guards.


Will Drop Guards protect stretch saddle bags?

Motorcycle Drop Guards have been found to assist in protecting standard stretch saddle bags placed on the Harley CVO and Road Glide, but as clearly stated that is not the intention of motorcycle drop guards.  The drop guards are meant to protect against $1500 worth of factory parts and labor to the parts they are specifically attached too.

Can I order Motorcycle Drop Guards if I live outside the United States?

Yes!  Please read International shipping instructions 

We will ship outside the United States to most countries.

PLEASE ensure you have read the policy of International orders on our website.

Will Drop Guards work with Highway Pegs?


Highway Pegs may need to be re-positioned or removed to place guards in best position to receive impact.

Do I need to make any adjustments to the  rubber gaskets of the drop guards?

YES - Please read below should this be necessary.

Its possible you may need to trim the rear gaskets slightly to ensure they do not protrude from the rear drop guards when installed.

The gaskets of the rear drop guards may need to be trimmed while installing

You do not want the rubber gasket sticking out from the body of the drop guards.


Front Drop Guards use: 5/16 18 X 1 1/4" Allen Head Screws with 5/16" Acorn Nuts and Lock Washer

Rear Drop Guards use: 5/16 18 X 1 1/4" Allen Head Screws with 5/16 Hex Nut and Lock Washer.

 Primary Indicator uses: Quarter 20 - 2 1/4" length Allen Head Screws with 1 washer on each screw. 

 Please note:  2 1/4" length is from the bottom of the allen head to the end of the threads.

 Replacement Hardware can be purchased from any Ace Hardware or from Bolts and Nuts in Houston, Texas

Can I have them shipped to a P. O. Box?

No, we cannot ship to a P.O. Box as we use UPS for all shipments.

Do I get instructions inside the box?


All instructions and installation video information is located on our website under Installation Video

Can I send my drop guards back to be repaired if I pay for it?


At this time we do not offer repairs.   Repairing the motorcycle drop guards is rather easily by someone who knows how to weld even a little and has the equipment.  Any welding shop could repair them in an hour or so.

We are looking for someone to take on the repair request, but it is not something we can take on due to the level of requests and with how busy we are with our business now.