Motorcycle Drop Guards

Custom Protection for Your Harley

Back orders

We are once again sold out and back ordered on Black Powder Gloss Drop Guards and Replacement Primary Guards. Orders can still be placed for the Black Powder Gloss Drop Guard Kits, and will be filled in the order received as stock becomes available.

It's a no brainer!

Protect $1500 worth of parts for Less than 1% of the cost of your motorcycle.

Lose the Fear of Dropping your motorcycle at Slow MOVING speeds, inevitable to every rider.

Maintain the Value, Appearance and Functionality of your factory parts

Master Slow Speed U-Tturns

And Learn to Ride Like A Pro

It really is "A No Brainer!"

Ride like a pro

Enjoy practicing without Fear

Driveway Practice

Used by Law Enforcement Agencies and Competitive riders throughout the United States, Canada and Brazil. Motorcycle Drop Guards are also used by the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX) program sponsored by Harley Davidson for the training and certification of motor officers across the U.S.

"Their A No Brainer"
Rob Grimsley

Rob is the Regional Police and Fleet Sales Representative for Harley Davidson and owner of Pro Rider in Charleston, South Carolina. After learning of Motorcycle Drop Guards, Rob now uses and trusts them to protect their fleet of Harley Demo bikes when on loan to law enforcement agencies all over the United States.  

Thank you Rob, for your trust and support!