Training Information

If proficiency in slow speed skills are what you want to learn, these accessories are sure to help. 

Practicing at slow speeds on your motorcycle builds skills and confidence. You will be surprised at how quickly your skills, confidence, and instinctive reactions to situations improve when you can concentrate on the skill, and not the fear of dropping your motorcycle.

Having advanced skills through motorcycle training such as Ride Like A Pro, and ProRider and through other qualified instruction, will enhance the safety and survivability of a rider and their passenger out on the road.  

Law Enforcement Agencies know this, and that is why Police Motor Officers are trained to be so proficient.  The top 2% of riders AKA "Motor Officers" and many competitive riders in the U.S. and Brazil, use motorcycle drop guards to protect their Harley motorcycles.

Motorcycle Drop Guards are used in the TEEX Program at Texas A&M and sponsored by Harley Davidson to protect the motorcycles used to train motor officers all across the U.S. while developing their advanced skills.

We get a lot of questions from our customers all over the world where is it they can learn advanced riding skills, now that they have motorcycle drop guards to protect their motorcycles.  

Below is a list of training options in Florida, Virginia, Charleston Carolina and Georgia to give you a start.

Refer to any of these links below to find one of their facilities near you.

Eric from Ride Like A Pro in Virginia riding at the 2022 NOVA competition in Virginia.